It's not unusual for farmland to get passed down through generations. In Agricultural communities like ours, access to land (either owned or rented) is our livelihood and often the family legacy. 



Protecting access to land is critical but often times a significant risk is overlooked; Long-term care and disability expenses. We all know examples where nursing homes, assisted living or dementia caused financial stress. Sometimes it is so significant that assets, such as farmland, have to be sold and lives are forever changed. Meadowland Farmers Coop is excited to offer a solution.



Several years ago, the Coop partnered with Prairie Plans Agency to offer discounted Long-Term Care & Disability Insurance for patrons and their families. The Association was successful and we are bringing it back now. Mutual of Omaha, an industry leader in long-term care insurance, is the carrier. Due to the size of the Coop's patron base,  Mutual of Omaha is willing to offer the policies at discounted rates. So much so, it is possible for policyholders to save thousands of dollars in premiums over time. The best time to acquire long term care insurance starts at age 40. However, any time is better than not at all.

    ​  "If your goal is to protect your farm for future generations,

we encourage you to contact David Milbrath, John Mueller

or Tim Kuisle at Prairie Plans Agency."

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